Facebook is a social networking website that a lot people are using. This is one of the most popular social networking sites, but there are also people that don’t like Facebook. There is always good and bad in everything, but what I like about Facebook is that it helps me stay connected with my family and friends. It is amazing how the technology works these days. I also heard from the news today keeping connected to our love ones it will help our health issues.

I think when we are connecting with our families and friend it helps relieve a little bit of stress. Knowing that they are alright makes us happy especially when we are far from home. I heard people that they found and stay connected to their old friends thru Facebook. It will help bring back memories at the same time knowing what they’re doing and there updates of their life sounds amazing.

But one thing I don’t like about Facebook is that you can download pictures that are not yours. I have a friend of mine that her picture was stolen by somebody. Somebody used her pictures and her family by another person, it so sad and upsetting why this person can’t use their pictures? Facebook needs to change their settings so that people cannot download if it is not their picture.

There are a lot people that are crazy out there with nothing to do and or looking to scam. So beware of these kinds of people and adjust your privacy settings. But other than that I would still use Facebook to stay connected.