Web Browser Internet Explorer Will Be Diminished Next Year

Microsoft announced just last week that Internet Explorer will be unusable anymore next year

Need A Web Hosting Company For Your Websites?

Sometimes deciding which web hosting company, you will used is quite difficult to decide.

Advantages From Innovation And Technology

The rapid pace of technological innovation changes the ways of life in so many ways and people.

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Did you know that we have already the ability to upload videos to YouTube directly from your phone?

The Web Browser Called “AirGap”?

The basic premise here is that instead of running a browser directly on your PC, laptop, or mobile device, you run it inside a Spikes Security data center.

Web Browser Internet Explorer Will Be Diminished Next Year

Web Browser Internet Explorer Will Be Diminished Next Year, Microsoft announced just last week that Internet Explorer will be unusable anymore next year, it will slowly vanish completely. If you are using Internet Explorer you need to try another web browser that you will be comfortable using. This Internet Explorer has been around for 25 years old, the reproach angrily web browser that once influenced the Internet couldn’t agitate its good name as the sluggish, time consuming net-surfing alternative. 

Microsoft Edge web browser is made and it is the one that will replace Internet Explorer that is compatible on Windows 10. This Microsoft Edge is designed to be faster, more secure and compatible with the newer internet websites, which are lacking in Internet Explorer that people complain and often criticize about those that are using Internet Explorer web browsers.

We don’t have to wait a little bit longer since Microsoft already declares and introduces the next in line web browser Microsoft Edge since 2015 which is formerly known as Project Spartan. The Internet Explorer is expected to totally disappear or vanish in your desktop app by the middle of June of next year. The video-conferencing platform, Microsoft teams, already buried Internet Explorer last November and Microsoft 365, the company’s subscription-based app bundle, will say its goodbye to the browser this coming month August, of this year 2021.

You either use Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge you have the choice which is better for you. I do use Firefox usually but some companies and people they would rather use Google Chrome. Just heard very little using Microsoft Edge. But based on the Browser Tracker StatCounter Google Chrome is now leading among the three browsers. Google Chrome got 64 percent share in the Global market while Microsoft Edge is just below 4 percent. Internet Explorer will be forever gone but it will still be part of internet browser history. 

Need A Web Hosting Company For Your Websites?

Need a web hosting company for your websites? Sometimes deciding which web hosting company, you will used is quite difficult to decide. You have many things to consider first and foremost you have to consider the price, services, reviews, websites security, scalability and performances of the websites or the web hosting companies.

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The Benefit And Drawback Of Having The Gadgets

tech-gadgetsCommunication is very important that is why we have phone, cellular phone, iPhone, computers and many other things gadgets available to get hold of us at anytime. Cellular Phone, iPhone, Android, computers, tablets are very handy to use that is why more and more people are using them, it can personal, work or business use. We can use it anywhere as long as there is signal or Wi-Fi available. There are benefits of having these gadgets and there are drawbacks as well.

One of the advantages of having these gadgets is that, if family or friends need us they can easily contact or get hold of us right away. Also, in case there is unexpected situation or emergency or they really need something right away, they can locate us easily.

The convenient of accessing of anything at anytime is one of the good points of having these gadgets. Even if you are in the other side of the world or everywhere we can able to easily get access. We can access our work, business, emails or even playing games and anything that your gadgets are capable off.

The problem of having these gadgets are you can access to some unwanted material and information that sometimes you can get you in trouble or problem. Sometimes it eat ups your time especially if you like games and Facebook.

This can be distraction to us also while we are in our vacation they can call us or in touch with us with the problem or we can be distracted by their calls while we are doing something.

Having the gadgets can be expensive and it can drain our budget if we don’t watch our spending with the gadgets and create and add up monthly bills.