It is always exciting to go on that vacation and it is so tempting to let the guard down and just have some fun. When you are traveling in a foreign area, there are some key things to remember that will keep you and your belongings safer while still having fun.

* Keep your money spread out on different parts of your body or in different places. Keeping it in one place makes it easier for thieves to get all of the money.

* Keep the passport hidden and in a place that cannot be reached by anyone other than yourself without you knowing about it. Passports are very valuable to you and the thief and there are many who would try to get it from you.

* In the case that you have valuables in your purse or bag, keep them placed in the center of the bag surrounded by other things that are not valuable. If someone tries to cut your bag, chances of them grabbing the valuable items just lowered greatly.

* Do not exchange money in the streets with independent money exchangers. It is much safer to go to an exchange counter or a bank. Always count the money that is returned to you.

* Count the change that you get back from the cashier in stores as some may try to keep some of it for themselves.

* Do not flash your money around and do not wear expensive jewelry. This attracts the thieves and some of them aren’t opposed to using a bit of force.

These are only some safety tips that you can use out of many. Although they might be hard to remember sometimes because we are creatures of habit, it is well worth putting the extra effort into following them. They can save your person, money, passport, and any other belongings that you may have.

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