Outsourcing is the new way of life of the business of today’s world and this must be beneficial to some companies or businesses but this depend what companies or businesses you have.  Looks like more and more businesses and companies are taking this outsourcing work, this shows effectiveness to some, but have its advantage and disadvantages as well.


  • This opens up opportunity to the mothers that can’t work because of their busy time taking care for their children and families.
  • Increase online work opportunities that you have the freedom of working at your own time pace and without going to other places to commute or drive to work.
  • This saves some expenses for the businesses or company. They don’t have to have to pay employees benefits and high wages to their employees. Big cut back of the expenses cost to most business or company.


  • Most of the time the one who take care of our problem is not directly to the company. Usually they are using call centers or outsourcing companies to take care of our problem. Sometimes this takes a lot of time to resolve the problem or issues.
  • Also, when it comes to our confidential record or data that might be at risk or expose to the public or might be stolen especially our personal information.
  • Sometimes might cause some problems and delayed of work if it is not instructed properly to the outsourcing partners.