Everybody has an attitude, we can have a good or bad attitude. Nobody is perfect either but we can be better if we try. I know that a bad attitude is one of the hindrances of our success. These are a few attitudes that affect our future and sometimes also ruin our life, that some people are not aware of it.

Lazy – being lazy sometimes is not a bad thing, but being lazy all the time you cannot go anywhere. I can’t remember a person that succeeds with laziness. Laziness is like a disease that eats you up if you will not change.

Jealousy – it is an attitude that needs to be corrected, when somebody is better than us we get jealous. Also we want to have what others have, it’s okay if we have money but if we don’t it became a problem. If we get jealous we get upset and feel bad about ourselves. Those feelings will create stress and make you sad instead just be thankful of what you have and be contented.

Impatience – sometimes this is a problem for most of us, we cannot wait and we want things right away. Always remember good things happen in the right time, the right place, right attitude and right people. Remember that patience is a virtue.

Ungrateful – we forgot to say thank you, thank you is just a simple words but sometimes it is hard to do and hard to say. Even little things we have to be grateful. If we are ungrateful it is the same that we are not contented. When you are not contented you are not happy. Contentment is the attitude that brings you happiness and gratitude.

Wasteful – means prone to or causing waste, when you are wasteful you will regret after you don’t have any more. We need to consume and use things of what we have, make ends meet. We need to be watchful with our time, money and anything. Use our time wisely we need to know how to budget our money. We need to value anything we have and use it wisely.