CompUmaster LLC - The Place For All Your Computer Needs

If you are looking for someone or some place that will be honest and provide you with high quality service on your computers at an affordable price. The place I recommend and have found to do just that is CompuMaster LLC. What I found was they provide great service in a timely manner at an affordable price.

CompuMaster LLC has knowledge of computer repair both hardware and software, they work with both Windows and Apple products. They also sell computers and computer accessories at a very competitive price. CompuMaster LLC has the ability to handle all your computer needs without looking all over town, or spending hundreds of dollars just for one hour of service.

One of the reviews I found on their website was “I have had Stan at CompuMaster LLC as my computer “guru” for many years. He has never failed to satisfy me. Stan works with what you want, suggest things you have never heard about and comes through efficiently. I have recommended Stan and CompuMaster LLC to several companies and friends with great results.”

Here is a list of services CompuMaster LLC is proudly offering its customers

  • Computer Repair (Hardware or Software)
  • Software Configuration
  • Networking
  • Website Design
  • Sales of Dell or Lenovo computers
  • Sales of computer accessories

For more information please visit the CompuMaster LLC website at or checkout their Facebook page at I am sure they can help you with whatever you are in need of at an affordable price today.