Have you gone on a great vacation, and your point-and-shoot digital camera is chock-full of digital still images and maybe a few videos. How do you view them, how do you touch them up a bit, and share them with friends and family? For Windows users, Picasa has been a great way to do this for a while. Google’s online Picasa program is a stylish integrated image organizer, editor, and enhancer, with cutting-edge online galleries. And, what’s more, it’s a free service that competes favorably with others that you’d pay for.

Picasa is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can take advantage of Picasa Web Albums with an up-loader program or an iPhoto plug-in. The installer is a small download of 7.5MB, so it does not consume a lot of disk space. The install does try to set your Internet Explorer default search to Google, so unchecked that if you’re a big fan of Live Search’s cash back rewards.

So if you are a photo buff or a wannabe, you should take the time to check out Picasa 3.