itunes sweeperNow that iTunes has been around for a while and most of us have been using the software to download and store our music. We may want to start thinking about doing a little house keeping you could say. The problem is this can be very time consuming and a challenge for many of us.

Until now… Right now for free there is a program called the “Tune Sweeper” that can be used to do your itunes cleanup. This program quickly finds and removes all duplicates in your iTunes library, removes tracks listed in iTunes that are not on your computer and will even add additional music that is on your computer into iTunes.

I do not know about you but this all sounds too good to be true, but it is. Just follow this link “” to see a video of the software in action or download your free copy today and start cleaning up all your iTunes files without the stress. It is so easy to use and anyone can do it.