This question for me usually comes up, “How safe are your kids when they are using the internet?” Most everybody is using the internet these days because we are in the advance society. This in my opinion really concerns me even if the children are right in the next room in front of the computer. Why? Because kids are kids, they can wander around on the net and they could be in the sites that they should not, even if they intended to or not.

Besides unsavory cyber locals our kids face other risks when surfing the web like cyber bullies, internet predators and many others that would put our kids in danger. Remember you are the parent. Being a parent is not easy as you thought should be, especially when you have teen-anger kids. I know this is easier said than done.

Our question now is what parents could do? We need to monitor them what they’re doing. You should start by keeping your computer in a public family place. Also I have heard this from a friend of mine that there is available software I think it is called K9 Protection that you can get, this can allow parents to track what sites they went and also can control what sites they can visit. Kids may know their way around a computer, but they still tend to be naive when it comes to stranger danger.

No matter what’s your children’s ages from tots to teens, when it comes to internet. Always remember again that parents are their safety net. The way to weave that web is by communication. You need to stay connected to your kids and you need to make it sure that your kids know that where the World Wide Web is concerned. Hope that we will do our part as a parent because they are the future.