I am checking the Social Spark v.1 today if I have opportunity and I found out that Social Spark v.1 has a note on top that it is already retired. No more Social Spark v.1 anymore, I just want to thank Social Spark v.1 for all the opportunity that I have made for them. Since I have started blogging they have been good in paying and it is a legit website. I am not worried because they have a new Social Spark v.2 now.

There system is a little bit different than before because they have to approve the review first and they are the one who will publish it. But they have been really good and a legit website, if you are a new blogger you should check them out or if you are an advertiser and you want to promote your product or website I would recommend Social Spark v.2 now.

I have always had good luck with Social Spark since I started writing posts for them. I don’t have problems with them. I don’t know about the other bloggers out there if they have issues with them. More power to the new Social Spark v.2, thank you for being part of your business. Also thanks to my followers, readers and friends for your continue reading and visiting my website.