We need to know what available new health technologies are in our generation. Take a look at this and how this new technology work for us especially those people that might need this technology or might be you. I am amazed how the technology work in our times and I just want to share this to my readers that this technology is available already in our time.

Magnets For Depression Relief – This is a computer that sends electrical currents to a treatment coil placed around the placed around the patients head. The treatment coil converts those electrical currents into an MRI-strength magnetic field. Then the magnetic field stimulates the neurons in the part of our brain that the prefrontal cortex linked to depression.

Artificial Retinas – This is a tiny video camera in the patients glasses captures a scene and this video is sent via cable to a mini-computer where it is transformed into instructions that are sent back to the glasses. And then the instructions are sent to an implant over the patients damaged retina. The implant emits the signals which the brain interprets as images.

Glucose Monitoring Tattoos – This tattoo is made up of what they called nanosensors – a tiny polymer beads containing an orange yellow dye and this applied through the skin probably once a week. Using a handheld device, diabetics scan this tattoo in several times a day. This tattoo darkens when the blood sugar is low and light up when it is high, so that the diabetic patient can able to detect their sugar levels themselves and enabling them to balance his or her glucose levels right away.

Grow Your Own Organs – The researchers build biodegradable scaffolding shaped like the organ then they “seed” the scaffolding with cells from the patients. It can be a bladder cells for a bladder or liver cells for a liver or etc. then the scaffolding is incubated and allowed to grow until the scaffold biodegrades and the organ can be transplanted into the patient.