The technology that we have right now is amazing this really helps people to keep us up to date on the Olympic Games in London 2012 event and many other world events that we have. We can easily monitor the event easily, we are surrounded by high technologies and gadgets available that make this event live even without our presence over there.

We can watch over the internet and our TV to keep us up to date on what’s going on the event. I am so amazed seeing those pictures and updates of the Olympic movements in the events in just a matter of minutes or seconds. We can see the update right away especially that we have Social Media websites like Twitter, Facebook and many to other websites s that help spread the word and updated news of the event faster.

We have many websites that are also doing the live coverage of the Olympic events that you can watch live. We can access to watch the videos, photos, news, audio, blogs, results, medals, and schedules to the Olympic Games 2012 available over the internet. So we can’t even miss a thing of the events if you have internet and computer available.

I can’t imagine the life of this generation without computer and technology that made us dependent and spoiled of having fast and easy results. But even with the presence of technology we can still encourage our children and our future generation to build a better world through sports. Sports and active activities belong to everyone and we still need to get involve in order to make us active and healthy.