Social media is very popular nowadays but there are people does not know what social media means. Social media encompasses blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space and their is also called a professional networking avenues such as LinkedIn and creative sites like Flickr this is a photograhy-sharing website. If your thinking to join social media, here’s are some ideas how to make social media work for you.

* You should know what you’re talking about. If you’re going to work with social media, get involved. Start your own Twitter account, Facebook page, read blogs and get engaged. That is the best way to understand the culture, tone, best practices and protocol.

* Remember always be transparent. When you’re communicating in social media, say who you are and who you work for. Don’t try to be sneaky and plant comments. don’t hire people to go out and say nice things about you and stay away from ghost writing. Be genuine and real.

* When it comes to blog you should do a post frequently, it is a lot of work but don’t post your blog then leave it for two weeks. Readers won’t have reason to follow you on Twitter or visit your blog if they can’t expect new things regularly.

* You should add value. Share tips, tricks and insights. People’s time is precious, they need to get something out of the time they spend with your sites or your blog. Make their reading and visiting you worth their time.

* You need to respond. Be sure that you answer questions and thank people even if it’s just a few words. Make it a two-way conversation so that they will feel that you valued their time.

* Make it enjoyable and have fun. If you don’t like what you’re doing others will notice it and won’t enjoy interacting with you. Make sure that it is interesting and worth it.