Apple’s iPad 2 online sales have already been delayed a little when the earthquake hit. Because of this Apple decided to delay the debut of the iPad 2 in Japan for a short time. Now with recent research analysts are predicting delays in the delivery of iPad 2 all over the world due to shortages of five key components sourced from Japanese suppliers.

When Japan’s earthquake hit, it applied what scientists call a mega-thrust to the main island, shifting it and everything on it eight feet east because of this process it is spoiling any delicate electronics manufacturing operations, most of which have been shut down until the situation stabilizes.

Most semiconductor fabrication operations cannot run when earthquakes in excess of 4.5 magnitude are felt; the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan was followed by 542 aftershocks and four foreshocks, also of these aftershocks over 45 have been greater than 6.0. As a result, most semiconductor and micro-electronics fabrication operations are still down and could be for a long time.

So how is this going to affect the world? I have already heard of this affecting the automotive industry and many other areas around the world. But Apple has stated that any or all of these key components remain in short supply for long, inventories could be used up, causing shortages of iPad 2s just when demand is peaking worldwide.