Healthy mind and healthy body is what everybody or most of us wanted to achieve especially when we are not feeling good or when we have health issues. Wellness is our wealth especially when we don’t have wealth inheritance from our parents. Most of us were trying to find ways to eat healthy food but still we are not sure if we have enough nutrition on the food we eat. I believe that it is not how much we eat it is how much nutrition on the food we eat.

Most of us we would rather be full but not particular of what’s on the food we eat. How many people done this? This is one of the reasons that obesity is increasing in our society today. The obesity problem paints a grim picture of America’s future. But it doesn’t have to and the reason for this is I bit almost most of us do, we want to save money and we buy food that are not healthy. But in the long run we are not really saving in fact this will add up to our expenses and cause problems. If we keep coming back to the doctor for our sickness and not feeling good we can’t able to work this are an expense and a problem that we need find solution to this health issues that most of us are facing in our today’s world.

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