We all want to live a life that is easy and to live comfortably or in short we all want to succeed in life. But sometimes we asked this question why we don’t succeed like others does? There are so many reasons why we don’t succeed and these are some of the reasons:

Laziness – if we are lazy we will not surely succeed. You don’t know of anybody that becomes successful without doing anything or do or any effort that she or she put unto it. Success requires effort and we need to work hard before we can achieve the things that we wanted or reach our goal of success.

Inconsistent – we need to be consistent of what we are doing. We all have this attitude to relax after we have accomplished a little bit of something. We need to do it over and over again or we need to do it consistently if we know that what we are doing is effective and will help us to get to our dream or goal. We have to do it every day if we can and while we can. We don’t have to stop doing even if we reach already to the goal of success. We need to still continue doing it.

Negative Thinking – we need to have positive outlook in life. We have to think positive that we can do it. Thinking positively creates positive outcome as well. We need to have hope and trusting ourselves that we will succeed.

I do write this article so that we can be aware of what hinder us to our success.  We need to do the opposite so that we will surely succeed. We need to be industrious, consistent and be positive all the time so that we can achieve our goals in life and have a successful career, business or whatever you dreams or goals that you want to succeed in this life.