Are you nearing the end of your college education or have just recently completed your college education and you still are looking for that extra edge or boost for your future career? If this sounds like you then you need to take a look at the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. You just might be the candidate they are looking for to be part of their intensive master degree program in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering or math).

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program is available at seventeen participating universities across the mid-west at a variety of universities in Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan. It is simple to see if you qualify, you just need to complete and turn in one application to apply. It does not get much easier than that to start your way on a rigorous training with ongoing professional development.

As a teaching fellow in the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program you will have a master’s study year divided equally between coursework and demanding immersive “clinical” experiences in schools, observing and working in urban or rural schools three to five days per week. Even better upon starting a three-year commitment as salaried teachers working for school districts, Fellows also receive three years of mentoring from veteran teachers.

There is so much more about their prestigious teaching program that will end in you getting your Master’s degree along with a Teaching certificate by the summer end of 2013. So hurry over to their website and see how you can boost your career and your education to get ahead. It will definitely be worth your time.