Since technology has existed, most everyone uses it and if you use TechGadgets to communicate with your friends and family then you have used programs like Skype. The problem that many of us have is the image displayed caused by poor lighting from our webcam. We all get frustrated trying to adjust the lighting in the location we are at, only to find out we cannot get the lighting the way we want it.

At least until now, while I was surfing the internet for a solution I came a crossed a website that has developed a technology called “Video Chat Light”. I was amazed at the quality of the images being displayed and wondered, could this be the answer to my problem. I could actually see the person clearly and in good light. Not like all the old technology where the image is blurred or dark because of bad lighting.

I know you are wondering how is able to achieve this without buying a lot of expensive equipment. The answer is their Video Chat Light that can be applied not only on computers or laptops with a webcam, but also on cellular phones which are compatible. This way you will be able to take full advantage of the megapixels your webcam has and be able to use Skype or any other video chat program with the quality you really want. You and your friends and family will really be impressed at the difference that the video chat light makes. This could really make your first impression on an important video chat session or call really worth it. has also announced that their video chat light will be a new on the upgraded Macbook Pro (built in LED’s). This will be a big improvement for the Mac lovers out there and I am sure the rest of the computer industry will follow. Give it a try, you can find information on their website to try it risk free. Now that is something you don’t see much anymore, “try before you buy”.