I am amazed how technology changes every now and then. Always been upgrading and updating some of the technologies today. Sometimes I am amazed and wonder how these guys head, they are so smart to invent this kind of technology; they are so talented and advanced people. They are always creating and inventing stuff that sometimes I could not believe possible. I am just amazed of the technologies these days. Like we can communicate our friends and loves one right away these days. You can do it for just a blink of an eye.

These are the all the wonders that running through my head today. How does things all works, the advanced technologies that running our life right now. Sometimes it is hard to live without it anymore. We have computers such as desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, cell phone, VOIP, digital cameras, smart phone and many others. These are all technologies that make our life much easier, faster and better.

I just can’t imagine if we go back to the old ways how these people adjust again. I think it is very difficult for the people who are used to the new technologies right now. But thankfully we are lucky also that this happens into our lifetime. We can do our things easier, faster and better and we don’t need so much effort.

We are blessed with this talented and gifted people but also it takes money to buy this kind of stuff. I know it is getting expensive if all member of the family wants cell phones and laptops and many other gadgets of today. I am just amazed how this electronic stuff does to people these days. But that’s life of world today; hope we will use it wisely and carefully.