Having a home based business can be challenging for anybody, but making money online is a completely different world. I have done both and can tell you that making money out of your house by supplying a service or a product can be just a difficult as trying to get traffic to a website to sell a service or a product. The same yet different I would say. For a home based business you are meeting directly with your customers or suppliers to advertise, sell or purchase your products that you will sell.

But if you are trying to setup and online presence you should do your homework. Just purchasing a domain name and placing a website on the internet is not going to make you money. It takes work just like with a home base business. You will need to first decide and focus on what type of service or product you want to specialize in. Then you need to create your website that is attractive as well as SEO friendly.

You will need to learn how to get back links to your website and where you should advertise to get the most traffic. This is all a learning process for most of us and can take time as well as trial and error for what works and does not work. For some of us you may consider hiring a website designer or SEO specialist like the services provided by Website-Inventions.com. I have worked with them on and off over the last few years and have learned a lot. If you are just starting out or in need of a little help with your website I would highly recommend getting in contact with them.