Blogging has become popular because it breaks from traditional print and broadcast media. With blogging you can spread gossip or your opinion on any topic you wish to people you have never meet. There is nobody telling you what you can say or what you can not say. You can make it your own and express yourself.

In 2004 Americans and people from all over the world started blogging to discuss the candidates and the issues that where happening within politics. During this time a fellow blogger offered a sizable amount of money to anyone who could produce the documents CBS challenged President Bush’s military service. Now he never had to pay the reward because the letters were later found to be false. But that did not stop thousands of people from visiting his blog, which gained his blog national media attention.

Now women are particularly drawn to blogging because it gives them a place to express there opinions and because most newspaper media is still greatly opinionated by men. With so few women editorial or opinion writers, blogs are still growing fast and giving women a place to express themselves. So if you are like myself and looking for a way to express your opinion without being censored. You might consider starting up your very own blog and express your creative writing to your readers.