Are you getting frustrated with your internet life on how to keep it organized and have a secure way to share things only to who you want to share with? This is something many of us are or have had trouble with in the past.

Then I stumbled a crossed a website called Clipix that would help takes care of this issue. Clipix is a place that is secure first and foremost, a place where you can save personal files and share them with only the people you want too. It also gives you a place to organize all your information where it is secure and you never need to worry about it.

This really works very simple. Once you sign up with them you will be able to install the clipix toolbar. What you need to do is, you will drag your bookmarks and files from your computer to the toolbar or from your iPhone app and this will automatically upload it to clipix. You can adjust and customize at clipix in the preferences how you information will be organized so you will be able to find it later.

Also clipix uses syncboards where the program automatically watches for updated files that you may have been working with and automatically updates the files on clipix. This will allows you to share your files with others so they can also update and share it with you. This feature would really be useful for sharing with my family and friends.

For more information on how Clipix works you should watch the clipix YouTube video to see how this could save you time and also help you stay organized.


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