Today is the first day of summer and we have started with a really hot summer today. We have reach 90 degrees and it is really hot today. As much us we love the heat from the sun and enjoying the warm weather we also need to be careful outside for not being dehydrated. Stay cool during this summer and enjoy every moment of it.

Sun and heat is good for you but we also know that too much heat and sun is not good for our body either. If you are walking or jogging this summer we need to drinks a lot of fluids to keep us from dehydration and if we are going to expose to the heat or at the sun we need to put sun block to protect our skin from sun damage.

Most of us also like and love to spend time our summer in the water, at the beach or at the pool. We need to be careful with this as well. The percentage of the accident and injuries in the pool and at beach are increasing because we don’t pay attention and careful about it. We need to know and trained for water safety and life saving techniques to prevent this from happening.

Summer is fun but sometimes people are carried away and it causes some problems. Usually during summer time many people traveling to have vacation and visit friends and families. Sometimes they started drinking and they still drive which sometimes causes accident.  We need to pay attention in our driving to prevent us from harm this summer.

Some people just don’t care they still drive even they are under the influence of alcohol and sometimes just being reckless in their driving. You know that there are stupid people out there. We just have to be careful when we are out and about especially when we are in the road. Stay safe and have enjoyable summer time everyone.