I know that most of you know especially those who are websites or bloggers guru how important to have Google Analytics. But to those of you who doesn’t know yet, you need to have Google Analytics, in order for you to know how your websites or blogs is doing, if it works or not.

Google Analytics gives you the idea or the statistic results about the visits and the performance of your blogs or websites and this is for free. This is a service given by Google and you need to sign up for it to allow you to use it and this helps you know how many visits you have in your blogs or websites each day.

What Google Analytic does is, this tracks visitors from all the referrers which include the search engines, email marketing, digital collateral, display advertising, such as links within PDF documents and pay per click networks. This website statistic service is most widely used to evaluate your site performance.

The good thing about Google Analytics is free of charge from the basic service as well as their premium version. You can check for yourselves how this works if you don’t have it yet. I know it helps and works for me to know how my websites and blogs work. This allows to me to keep track of them on what sites that needs some work to increase traffics.

Through Google Analytics we can monitor our websites or blogs if we have traffic or not and we can start working on what need to be done in order to generate traffic and money. This will allow you to see the results of what you have done or what needs to be done and you can get the idea of your websites or blogs performances.