I am debating which one I would buy when time comes an iPad or Tablet? I think would stay with Microsoft which is the Tablet for the reason that I am used to the Microsoft product. I know many people like the iPad from Apple for the reason of the new feature. The choices are the people to make which they would prefer to buy.

I think this would depend what the usage you do in this gadgets. I do lot of work at home and when we do travel having this stuff this would come in handy for me. But I am debating which I would prefer and I heard that in an iPad most business software is not compatible with the iPad, so for me this is a big deal.  I would rather use the product or stuff that is compatible to the things that I used.

I remember that a year ago nobody had an iPad then I just read that Apple sold 15 million which is very amazing just in nine months. Apple declares that iPad is the most successful product ever launched. This really turns out pretty good. Many people saw and attracted the iPad’s appeal.  This is an awesome device that well suited for checking your email, surfing the web, reading books and much other stuff that we can do in the internet.

Many people loves it, adults, kids and even elderly loves this iPad this device that it has an appeal to the people. Everyone wants to have and iPad it because it is so cool stuff to have but competition arises and Tablet comes out. But you know what when competition comes in this is really good because they want to make product which they think the best so that people would convince to buy their product.

In business you expect competition and Microsoft they are making the Tablet right now which similar looks than iPad and it is cool stuff too. Competition is good because it helps the price to go down as well. All I can say all these stuffs or devices are good to have but this depend what use preferences you are doing and which on you like best iPad or Tablet? This is all up to you to decide and hope you are happy with your choice.