Two weeks ago I think that was Friday noon that we noticed that both our Techwink and Newhottopics website are down. We emailed the webhosting company that we are using regarding the issues and they said that somebody running a script in one of our websites that they have noticed that is why they have to shut it down to protect our website.

Our website advise us to change our password and so on then finally Friday afternoon they fixed it and both our websites is running back again till Saturday I don’t know till what time. I said that because when I checked my email in Sunday morning I’d noticed that our both websites are down again.

This was very upsetting but we have found that the server of the webhosting that we are using is hacked by somebody in Bangladesh. I was very upset that we did not back up our files right that day on Friday when it was back. The good thing is we still have a chance to retrieve our file through to our webhosting company that we are using.

We learned a lesson to this situation that we have to back up our files every now and then so that we will not lose our files it in case there are problems like this. By the way we our using InMotion Hosting they are very good to their customers when you have a problem.

I just don’t understand people sometimes why they want to ruin others people lives or works. This will cause headache and stress to other people when you do that, hacking other peoples file. Hope they will realize that this is not right. But we can’t control people or persons thinking so what we can do is how to prevent to this situation. We just make it sure that we back up our files so that we can still go on and not worry of other people or person stupid actions or wrong choices they made in their life.