Most of us we always look for the brand names when we buy stuffs. Why is that? I think the reason for this is of most of the brand names stuff are more on good quality. They have to have a good quality because people will not buy if they are not good. Most of the brand name stuff last long but they cost is high. Meaning you have to pay for the price.

The branded names have good stuff that they put unto it that is why we pay for the price. If you don’t buy the brand name most of the time it will not last long. You just waste your money of buying not good brand. When it comes to technology or cars you have to buy the brand name so that it will last long before you replace it.

It is better to buy the expensive things that last long than not expensive but you just used it for a day. It will end up spending more money into things that are not expensive because you keep replacing them. I know we want to cut our cost our budget but we have to think that if we want to cut our budget it will end up that we spend more if don’t buy the good stuff or brand name that has quality.

We have to be choosy in buying things but there are stuff also that we can buy that is not name brand and cheap that is good as well. But when it comes to technology or electronic stuff, like computers, cars, furniture and many important items I would suggest that buy with the brand names because it will last long and we will not keep buying all the time.