Some people don’t know what is Twitter? Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc. and in today’s world Twitter is the best way to discover what’s new & what’s going on in our world today. Actually Twitter is another social networking and micro blogging service that you can use nowadays.

A social networking is a place wherein you can communicate and stay connected with your friends, families and co-workers even, it is the same as Facebook but only you can do quick & frequent messages.

You are just allowed 140 characters for your messages it is a little bit similar to text. But everybody could see it or read your messages on twitter. That is the reason why it is called micro blogging because you can promote also promotes your blogs, websites, products or whatever business or services you have. You can also share ideas, tips and knowledge in Twitter.  

A lot people earn money in Twitter by tweeting people’s product and services. It is free to sign up and join, so if you don’t have account in Twitter yet you can check it out. I am just amazed of this great technology that we have right now.