Finances are the most reason of having divorce or couples separated. That is why we need to know the technique or ideas to help this problem resolve. Overindulgence and poor money management put a heavy strain on marriage relationship. In most cases simply because from economic roots either insufficient income to sustain the family or mismanagement of income as earned. Here are some of the technique and tips in order to stay away from this situation.

First you need to distinguish between your needs and wants – Needs these are our priorities and our needs must be included in our budget or these are things that we can’t live without. The wants are the things we only purchase when we have extra money or things that you can live without. If you know how to determine this two then you have less issues with your finances or budget.

Second avoid living on borrowings – this is really a no, no situation. We need to be modest in our expenditures and avoid debt as much as possible. Debt will put us in a trouble situation, if we have debt we need to pay off debt as quickly as we can so that we are free from bondage. We are in bondage because we are oblige to pay our debt and if we can’t pay the interest will keep increasing until we will be in trouble.

Third live on less than you earn – the key to spending less than we earn is simple it is called discipline. Whether in our early in life or late we must learn to discipline ourselves. We need to control ourselves our appetites, economic desires and worldly things in this world. It is not the amounts of money that you earn that bring peace of mind but it is having control of money.

Fourth develop and live within your budget – A budget is an outline of planned income and expenses for amount certain amount of time. We make it sure that our expenses will not exceed with our income. No matter what resources we have if we don’t follow our budget it can create problems with our finances.

Fifth make a record of your expenses – when you have the record of all the expenses you know where your money goes and you have less argument. You can also know where you spend much or less and if you over spend you can do some cut backs if need be of the expenses that you spend much. Also you can compare your income and expenses if you don’t exceed your budget.

Married couples or families should discuss their budget to determine their needs, wants and financial goals. Money can be obedient servant but harsh taskmaster. There I one thing that will bring peace and contentment to human heart and into family only is to live within our means. And there is only one thing that is grinding, discouraging and disheartening is to have debts and obligation that we can’t pay.