We live in this interesting world of technology and this brings many possibilities, opportunities and functionality if we know how to use this properly.  But if we don’t know how to use it properly this will cause us trouble as well. That is why we need to know the proper use of this gadgets and what are the risk if we don’t know how to use this technology.

This great power of technology has been a help in so many. You can even get a job or earn an income at the comfort of your home without having any boss or without a hassle traveling going to work. You can get a degree and study through the internet. You can get information that you need by searching it and we can do this whenever and wherever we are or any parts of the world.

We can also easily communicate to our love ones that are far away or we can easily communicate to our customers or client by using email or by chatting them. We can purchase or shop on line without the hustle of going to the store.  Many people would rather purchase online because they will deliver your items right on your door step. Technology has been a help to people especially to the computer expert people and know how to business online.

But if we don’t know how to use it we can be in danger as well that is why we need to be careful doing transaction or business online because we don’t know the people we have doing business with. There are many scams, viruses and fraud in the internet as well. We need to check it properly if they are legit company or good people to do business with.