The tsunami and earthquake off Japan’s coast was devastating and is still and will be a problem for a while. I just read that  surging water generated from the powerful earthquake off Japan’s coast hit the California coastline Friday morning, capsizing boats, splintering docks and panicking thousands of seaside spectators from Eureka to Santa Cruz who had expected a mild amusement but were sent scrambling to higher ground. At least 30 boats broke away from moorings and several sunk, including one of two harbor patrol boats.

Onlookers gasped and screamed as they tripped and stumbled up the hillsides moments before the second major surge blasted through. While many thrill-seekers were drawn toward the water by news reports that the tsunami was heading this way, thousands of more cautious beach-dwellers heeded evacuation advisories sent through automated calls from county emergency service agencies and headed in masses to the safety of mountaintops.