Health is important for many reasons. For one simple thing, we all want to live a long life, right? We all want a free and fun life, right? Well one factor to a long good life is good health. We enjoy life better when we have better health. We can walk, we can run, we can talk and we can laugh.

The simple activities that we do every day are something we shouldn’t take for granted. Normal health should be regarded as the most valuable asset that we must have and enjoy. To squander even a fraction of our normal health is to cause the rest of it to deteriorate, since our organs are interdependent.

We are considered healthy when all the parts of our body function properly, and there is no reason to think that our life expectancy is less than normal. When we are not sick, we are generally considered to be healthy. Good health depends on certain conditions. These include proper food and care for our bodies, proper diet for persons of all ages, medical and dental care when needed. The right amount of sleep and exercise, proper clothing and good posture.

Our life is only enjoyable and happy if we have good health to back it up. Without it, well, our life wouldn’t really be something we’d like to boast about. If we are truly health conscious, we should somehow find the time to exercise our willpower to do what is necessary in order to maintain normal health. This means choosing the correct diet as well as getting the right balance of rest and exercise to stay fit and maintain a happy and fruitful life.